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nominees MK Award 2019

Nominated for MK Award 2019:

Carly Rose Bedford, Quinsy Gario and ieke Trinks


MK Award foundation is happy to announce the artists who have been nominated for the MK Award 2019. Later this summer, the final winner will be announced!
The Award consists of €5.000, plus a solo exhibition at TENT Rotterdam, at the end of this year.
Unfortunately, this fourth edition of MK Award will also be the last – our money is running out…


For this year, the winners of the previous three editions have been asked to each nominate one artist:

The 2013 winner, Melanie Bonajo, nominated Carly Rose Bedford,
Gil & Moti, winners in 2015, have nominated Quinsy Gario, and
Peter Fengler, who won the last edition in 2017, has nominated ieke Trinks.

Just like last editions, Marieke van der Lippe made video portraits of each of the three nominees: