About MK Award

The MK Award is a new prize for visual art, intended for visual artists that are working consistently to create an idiosyncratic oeuvre, keeping away from any hypes-of-the-day. The MK Award does not discriminate as to gender, age or artistic medium.

The MK Award Foundation pays homage to the creative legacy of gallery owners Emmo Grofsmid (1951-2011) and Karmin Kartowikromo (1948-2011), owners of the former MKgalerie Rotterdam/Berlin.
Like them, the MK Award extends confidence and trust to visual artists.

The MK Award Foundation, based in Rotterdam/NL, is an initiative by artists and friends of the former MKgalerie Rotterdam/Berlin. The MK Award is not a corporate award – it is to be funded by private individuals, by companies and institutions – they may help enable this new art award by donations or gifts, or by contributions and support in kind.

On 31 October 2013 Melanie Bonajo is awarded with the first edition of the MK Award. The next MK Award is announced for 2017.