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Loek Grootjans (1955) – nominee MK Award 2013


scouted by Saskia van de Wiel (curator; Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo)

The jury nominates Grootjans for the MK Award 2013 “because as an artist he is radically thinking in systems; unlike no other he combines out-of-the-box scientific results, philosophy and arts.” According to the jury, Grootjans “[…] redefines artistic research in total novel ways, radically and stubbornly seeking new links between contemporary art and philosophy. Establishing the ‘Foundation for the benefit of the aspiration and the understanding of context’ he started an all-embracing oeuvre – everything that might be remotely relevant to his life and work as an artist is being stored. Grootjans’ restless urge to archive things results into installations that might be ‘visited’ – viewed and admired – and that have existential qualities: they confront us with the all-too-human desire to comprise everything, and with the inevitable failure of that aspiration.”